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HAWAIIAN PUNCH, 2012, 68 min.


Director/Camera - Nandan Rao

Sound - Zach Weintraub

Starring Tor Kristian Anestad and Nicholas Boissonneault


A pleasantly experimental, "performed documentary" observing the lives of two Mormon college students spending a semester at the BYU Hawaii campus.


Nandan grew up Mormon, and at 19 spent two years as a missionary in Athens, Greece. During that time, he befriended fellow missionaries Nick and Tor.

Years later, when the two moved to Oahu for a semester, Nandan went to stay with them for a month and shoot a film reflecting on their gradually shifting attitudes towards life, leisure, and religion.



A beautiful article written by Brandon Harris for The New Inquiry that discusses Nandan and I, and this film in particular.

Video of some classic Mormon behavior shot the night we all found out how good Nandan is at wrestling.


TRIVIA: Both of Nandan's feature films (this is the second) include scenes in McDonald's. During the shoot, we had a contest to see who could eat the most expensive McDonald's meal. Nick ate $37 worth of food. More on our general diet during the time here.