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YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG, 2013, 80 min.


Director - Zach Weintraub

Camera - Nandan Rao

Sound - Nick Campbell

Associate Producer - Sandro Fiorin for FiGa Films

Starring Justine Eister, Zach Weintraub, and Kymberly Walden


Justine moves to a small town with her boyfriend on account of his new job. Quick kisses and repetitive manual tasks ensue.


When I met my wife Justine, I had just finished making THE INTERNATIONAL SIGN FOR CHOKING and was traveling to a lot of film festivals. Even after that died down, I went to Hawaii for a month to help Nandan shoot HAWAIIAN PUNCH. My life revolved around my moviemaking hobby, and I wanted a way to include Justine. That's how and why I decided to make this movie.

The idea for the movie occurred to me in Hawaii. I spent the next few months writing it, and we shot it in Olympia that summer (2012). We were in no hurry, and were working around everyone's different schedules, so we wound up shooting throughout a series of weeklong periods with a week or two off in between.



Video interview with Justine and I for Seattle PBS affiliate KCTS9.

A beautiful article written by Brandon Harris for The New Inquiry that discusses Nandan and I, and this film in particular.

A super mean review from Buenos Aires arts/culture blog Encerrados Afuera. I think about this all the time lol.

The song that plays throughout this movie. It's a recording of a televised performance by Silvia Pinal.


TRIVIA: The joint-smoking scene required six takes and four joints. After the fourth take, Justine and I had a mutual freakout and had to talk eachother down in another room.